Gender Issue

Question: It Is common in (Western) society for men to shake hands with other men in social and business contexts and it is known that there is a prohibition for… Read more »



Question: Reuven makes Kiddush on wine Friday night. When Reuven says the bracha of hagofen, he has in mind additional wine that he will drink during the seuda. Later, Shimon… Read more »



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Reuse of glass jars

Question: Is it permissible to re-use glass food jars for storing dry food such as nuts or grains or leftovers from meals without having first been immersed in a mikvah?… Read more »


Grama Benizakin

Question: What is the biblical source that grama in damages is patur? Thank you Answer: See Yad Rama Bava Basra 26, Birkas Shmue Bava Kama 13,14 &20 Also Kuntrasey Shiurim… Read more »



Question: If a hat is hanging on a tree on Shabbos, and subsequently falls off by itself or is removed by a goy, may one wear this hat on Shabbos?… Read more »