Has nature changed

Question: I saw Rabbi Pfeffer’s excellent article on https://dinonline.org/2010/12/30/vaeira-changing-halachah-in-a-changing-world/ Has any research been done to investigate whether nature has really changed eg are there intact bodies of people or animals… Read more »



Question: A frum female college student is renting a basement apartment in the house of a frum landlord and his extended family. While the tenant was asleep, the landlord’s 3… Read more »


Paying Mezonos

Question: When the husband (father) did not see his son for 2 years (against his will because the wife took the child into full custody) does he need to pay… Read more »



Question: What interruptions are permitted during tachanun (whether long or short)? Amein to any bracha? Answer: One can interrupt to say Omen on any brocho. Sources: O:CH 131 Mishnah Berurah… Read more »