Deception – “Theft of the Heart”

This week’s article deals with the prohibition of geneivas daas, deception or creating false impressions. Although many maintain that this is a full Torah prohibition, there remains little awareness of it, and it is all too easy to transgress it without even noticing. What is the definition of the prohibition? Is it related to theft, or to morality? Is there a difference between financial matters and other matters? These questions, and others, are discussed in this week’s article.

Traveling and Daytrips on Sukkos

As Sukkos is approaching, this article will address the issue of eating and sleeping outside the sukkah during trips taken during Chol Ha-Mo’ed.

Chol Ha-Mo’ed provides many with an opportunity for a family daytrip, and outings are likewise organized by youth groups and other organizations.

Can sandwiches be taken and eaten on such trips during Sukkos, even where there is no sukkah in which to eat them? If the trip extends overnight, is there an obligation to find a sukkah in which to sleep? Is it lechatchilah to arrange such trips at all?

We will seek to answer these questions by researching the subject from its first principles.


Investing in Banks

Which american banks is it assur to invest in due to a problem of ribbis? I would especially be interested in Chase, Capital One and Sovereign. Answer: To my knowledge… Read more »