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Purim – Matanos La’Evyonim – Gifts to the Poor

“ומשלוח מנות איש לרעהו ומתנות לאביונים” The Jewish people is known as a people who makes a point of helping others, charity, money and food to the poor. We have Two special mitzvot on Purim, mishloach manos and gifts to the poor. Before Purim, we collected for you all halachos relating to gifts to the poor. 1. How does one perform the mitzvah of gifts to the poor? On the day of Purim, […]

Tzedaka – Who is entitled to receive charity?

1. Even a poor person who is entitled to receive charity should preferably ((The Mishna in Pe’ah chapter 8 mishna 9 writes, “Whoever is entitled to receive tzedaka and does not, will not pass away until he supports other people. The verse writes about him, “Blessed is the person who trusts in Hashem, and Hashem […]

Pesach Guide – Conducting the Seder

Introduction 1. What does the word ‘seder’ signify? The night of Pesach is indeed very different from all other nights of the year. It is steeped in holiness and abounds with mitzvos, both Torah and rabbinic, and is rich in customs and traditions. Every detail is of great significance and one should perform each step […]

Pesach Guide – Selling Chometz

1. Why was the procedure of selling chometz originally instituted? Originally, only those who traded in food sold chometz in order to avoid major financial difficulty. It was done personally with a non-Jew and the chometz was taken out of the house. When this became a practical problem, a locked room containing the chometz was […]

Pesach Guide – Preparing the Kitchen

1. Why must so much effort be put into preparing the kitchen? According to Torah law, one may not eat even the tiniest crumb of chometz. A crumb that falls into food on Pesach will render the food forbidden. It is therefore recommended that the most time and energy be reserved for cleaning the kitchen. It should […]

Berachos – The Obligation to Recite a B’racha

1. Is reciting a b’racha for food a Torah mitzvah? All brachos recited before partaking of food or drink (b’racha rishona) was instituted by the Sages. All brachos recited after partaking of food or drink (b’racha acharona) was instituted by the Sages, except for bensching after a filling bread meal, which is a Torah mitzvah. […]

Berachos – Fruits and Vegetables

Definitions 1. What is the halachic definition of a fruit tree? Regarding the b’racha borei pri ha’eitz, a fruit tree is defined as one whose trunk remains from year to year. If only the roots remain, the produce of such a plant is considered a vegetable according to most opinions and requires the b’racha borei […]

Purim – Mishloach Manos – Sending Food

1. How does one perform this mitzvah? On the day of Purim one must send two items of food to at least one person. 2. What is the reason for this mitzvah? To ensure that everyone has sufficient food for the Purim feast. To increase love and friendship between Jews, thereby dismissing Haman’s accusations that there is strife […]

Purim – The Megilah

Before the Megilla 1. May one eat or drink before hearing the megillah? Under normal circumstances, it is forbidden to eat before the megillah, both at night and in the morning. Drinks are also forbidden with the exception of water. 2. From what time in the evening does this restriction begin? From half-an-hour before nightfall. This […]