Music for Jogging

Can I listen to music during running on a treadmill in my earphones? Answer: Yes, but only if this is necessary or enhancing of the exercise. Best wishes. Sources: We… Read more »


Debts and Maaser

Hi am i aloud to pay up old חובת from מעשר money Thank you Answer: Maaser money is intended for the poor. However, if you cannot afford to pay back… Read more »


BB Gun for Teen

Is a fourteen year old permitted to have a bb gun and use it according to the Torah? The use of this gun is for target practice, and competitions with… Read more »


Selling 750 linen

Hi rabbi my question is: I bought certain bed linens from a company who buys bed sheets from different manufacturers. One of the brands they sold me is labeled as… Read more »


sale of chametz (part 2)

Maareh Mekomos: מראה מקומות גמרא נזיר יב א ותד”ה מ”ט מרכבת המשנה גירושין ו, יב אורח חיים תלו, א For download the file: right click on Download and choose “Save… Read more »


Purim in Givat Masua

Dear Rav, what is the din regarding of date of Purim for the kium of mitzvos in the shchuna Givaat Masua in Yerushalaim? Thank you. Answer: Shushan Purim is practiced,… Read more »


Company Air Miles

I own a business and have a silent partner. I own 51% of the business and my partner owns 49%. When I purchase material for the business I typically use… Read more »


Investing in Banks

Which american banks is it assur to invest in due to a problem of ribbis? I would especially be interested in Chase, Capital One and Sovereign. Answer: To my knowledge… Read more »


Haircut Length

Are there any halachick ramifications to how short a man can cut his hair (ie. Clip # 1 or 2)? Answer: No, no ramifications, aside of course from the pe’os… Read more »


Assorted Questions

Can I cook dairy utensils and foods, and meaty utensils and foods , on the same burner(flame) without any additions? If I poured water from a meaty cup to another… Read more »


Flu Shot

The concept of getting a flu shot is simple: get one so you and those around you don’t get infected. I’m 15 years old and am in school all day,… Read more »


Repeated Question

An elderly man whom I am friendly with is having problems walking. His family have asked me to help me take him to Shul Erve Shabos Mincha-Leil Shabos and Shabos… Read more »