The Leadership Test

Rabbi Yehuda Storch   How does the Torah define leadership qualities? Who is the perfect leader? Is it the proud owner of a straight-A middos record or the energetic non-stop worker for… Read more »


Sefira and COVID-19: Haircuts

  אחת המגבלות הספיריות המקובלות בתוקף במהלך ספירת העומר היא איסור התספורות. בגלל מות תלמידיו של רבי עקיבא, אנו מקפידים להימנע מתספורות בחלק מהזמן שבין פסח לשבועוס. זו הסיבה שהמספרות… Read more »


Tevillas Keilim

  The Torah, in Parashas Matos, in the context of the battle between Israel and the Midyanites, includes the mitzvah of tevillas keilim. Concerning utensils brought back from the battlefields… Read more »


Time for Shnayim Mikra Ve-Echad Targum

This week’s article deals with the issue of when to read shnayim mikra ve-echad targum. From when can this weekly mitzvah be performed, and when is the last time for reading shnayim mikra? Are there special halachos concerning the reading of Vezos Haberachah and Bereishis? What are the laws concerning reading at night? These questions, and more, are discussed in this week’s article.

Fighting a War on Shabbos

  Parashas Chukas includes the first instance of the nation of Israel conquering another nation’s territory. Immediately following Aharon’s death, the Torah tells us that the Canaanites attacked Israel, and… Read more »


Is It Night Or Day?

Rabbi Yehoshua Alt To join the over 2,500 recipients and receive these insights free on a weekly email, obtain previous articles, feedback, comments, suggestions, to support or dedicate this publication… Read more »