Bal Talin – Paying Wages On Time – part 5: Rentals

In two places, the Torah writes about the obligations of an employer to pay his worker. In one place, there is a negative commandment not to delay payment – “Do not keep the wages of a worker with you until the next day” (Vayikra 19:13). In another place, there is a positive commandment to pay a worker on time – “Pay his wages that day, before the sun sets” (Devarim 24:15). In addition, the verse in Mishlei states “Do not tell a worker to come back tomorrow, and you have money to pay him” (3:28).
In this summary, the main issues of the prohibition, known as bal talin, are presented. This includes when to pay, the employer’s responsibility, hiring a worker through a third party, corporations and organizations, volunteered services, method of payment, and rentals.