Ktav Ari for Tefillin

BS”D I’m ashkinazi and try to follow chasidishe practices and customs (I’m a baal teshuva). I was recently told that my Tefillin parshios are written in ksav beis yosef and… Read more »


Painted Tefillin

If someone who borrows my tefillin marker uses it without saying “l’sheim kedushas tefillin”, would that invalidate the marker for further usage? Answer: The marker remains fine, and can be… Read more »


Tefillin for Women

Can women wear Tefilin ? If it’s kli gever, what has distinguished it as such? Did Rashi’s daughters wear Tefilin? Are the sources reliable that they did? What is the… Read more »


Leshem Kedushas Tefillin

When touching up the paint of Tefilin is it also acceptable to say “leshem kedushas tefillin”? Answer: Yes. Painting tefillin must be done lishmah, and therefore before beginning one must… Read more »