Chopped Spinach

Can one use supermarket frozen chopped spinach? Answer: If the spinach is finely chopped (this is usually the case), it is permitted for consumption. If the leaves are cut but… Read more »


Kashering the Microwave

When kashering my microwave, does it matter if the vessel is milchig or fleishig? What happens to the vessel when the microwave becomes kosher? Answer: Several authorities have written that… Read more »


Not Kosher Medicine

I take a special medicine voluntarily called Creon. It is an enzyme meant to break food down easier in the digestive system. I just found out it is made of pork… Read more »


Pyrex Pans

About 15 yrs ago we moved to a different country and left our things in storage for around 7 years. Nothing was used. When we finally received our household items,… Read more »


Mexican Fish

We moved recently to Mexico. There is a frozen fish here with a Mexican hechsher. the fish is filleted and has no scales that can be seen. I called the… Read more »


Lewhiff- is it kosher?

There is a new product called ‘lewhif.’ It is made of chocolate powder that apparently only goes into one’s mouth but not into one’s lungs or stomach. It’s like a… Read more »


Kashrus Level – At Home & Outside

כבוד הרב. אני בדרך כלל מקפיד על הכשרים מסויימים לא מחמת שאני יודע שהשאר אינם טובים, אלא בגלל שכך הורגלתי, אלא שחמי שיח’ יש מגוון הכשרים נוספים שהוא צורך, אני… Read more »