Going to Mixed Gym

Can a women attend a mixed gym and wear non-fitted pants while working out there? Answer: In principle this is permitted, in particular for an area where men in the… Read more »


Mixed Swimming for Child

Hi, Can my 4 year old go swimming and take swimming lessons with ladies? Thanks. Answer: Although some are stringent in this matter, a four-year-old will not strictly speaking come… Read more »


Covering Upper Arm

Do upper arms need to be covered as tzniut? Males or females? Answer: For men, there is no obligation to cover the upper arm. Indeed, in the hot summer days… Read more »


Covering Hair

I was born Jewish but not-observant until my husband died 5 years ago. (We were married 43 years). Since his death I have been working toward becoming more observant, taking… Read more »


Men Sharing one Bed

Is there a problem with two guys sharing a hotel bed and if yes what? Answer: The Mishnah (Kiddushin 82b) cites a dispute concerning whether two men are permitted to… Read more »


Tzniyus Principles

What are the halachic requirements for both men and women in regards to tznius, that is covering the body, specifically regarding the arms (shoulders downward) and legs (knees downward). In… Read more »


Seeing Spouse

If a couple is not allowed to see each other unclothed during intimacy (darkness required) then why are they allowed to see each other unclothed at any other time assuming… Read more »


Greeting Women

I live in Vienna, Austria. The house I live in was bought by an orthodox rabbi. When I first met him, I´ve greeted him. This happens automatically. I was educated… Read more »


Tzenius for Women

Are the laws of tznius clearly defined for women? I see very different approaches ti tznius in very different communities. Is tznius based on the community – and what may… Read more »