Laws of Tzenius

Which parts of a womans body must be covered according to basic halacha? What should be covered for tznious purposes? Answer: There are certain parts of the body that must… Read more »


“Birds and Bees”

What is the general consensus in the Torah world regarding discussing the “birds” and the “bees” with children – if at all. Answer: This is something of a personal issue,… Read more »


Viewing Material

Can a person view certain material so that he can learn to better please his wife? Also, to better understand female physiology?This is only done leshem shamayim. Answer: Physiological material… Read more »


Hugging Family Members

When it comes to forbidden relationships the rambam makes a distinction between certain family members when it comes to hugging them. For an aunt the Rambam writes that it is… Read more »


Exercise Shorts

Are shorts that one uses for exercise considered begged ish, and therefore a women couldn’t use shorts for excercise, or do we say that since in general society both men… Read more »


Mixed swimming for children

Until what ages can girls swim with boys (for non-relatives as well as brothers & sisters)? Answer: The problem associated with “mixed swimming” is the question of immodestly dressed girls… Read more »


Singing the Aleph Beis

There is an approach to teaching children to read Hebrew, which utilizes songs for teaching the letters and nekudos, in combination with other strategies. If a female apecial education teacher… Read more »