Grama Benizakin

Question: What is the biblical source that grama in damages is patur? Thank you Answer: See Yad Rama Bava Basra 26, Birkas Shmue Bava Kama 13,14 &20 Also Kuntrasey Shiurim… Read more »


Retail chain

Question:   I own a retail chain that sells men’s and lady’s apparel. Each of my stores is run by a manager – reliable, trustworthy people who worked their way… Read more »


Fly Away, Fly Away

Question:   Hello, My mother, may she live and be healthy, decided to buy two parrots for herself and my father in honor of their wedding anniversary. Those parrots were… Read more »



Question:   My name is Channie. I just recently got my license but I don’t own a car, and the only car I drive is my parents’ car. One day… Read more »



Question: A frum female college student is renting a basement apartment in the house of a frum landlord and his extended family. While the tenant was asleep, the landlord’s 3… Read more »



I recently read an article in a jewish publication that was almost identical to one that is published online on a secular site. The secular article pre-dates the jewish publication… Read more »


Physician Error

As a physician I saw a patient that was injured by the neglegent conduct of another physician . The neglect was passive neglect to diagnose and treat. The patient now… Read more »