Sifting OU Flour

Does white all purpose flour with an OU have to be sifted? I just used Heckers in a recipe, and realized that it doesn’t say presifted. Answer: The flour does… Read more »


Tuna Fish

Is Tuna Fish kosher? Answer: Yes. It has fins and scales. However, it is preferable to use tuna with a hechsher, which guarantees that other non-kosher fish have not been… Read more »


Airport on Shabbos

Dear Rabbi, I am a airport station manager, handling everything related to flight arrival & departures. I am posted overseas. Please advise what precautions do I take if my time at… Read more »


Barramundi Fish

Is barramundi fish kosher? Answer: To my knowledge, it possesses fins and scales, making it a kosher fish.


Is Tilapia Fish Kosher?

Is tilapia ok to eat? Answer: According to, there are more than 30 different species that could be referred to as tilapia. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (the… Read more »