Simple Faith

Is emunah peshutah a good thing, or should I aspire to understand the reasoning behind mitzvos and minhagim? Answer: The answer to this depends largely on personal disposition. Emunah peshutah is… Read more »


Chopped Spinach

Can one use supermarket frozen chopped spinach? Answer: If the spinach is finely chopped (this is usually the case), it is permitted for consumption. If the leaves are cut but… Read more »


Kashering the Microwave

When kashering my microwave, does it matter if the vessel is milchig or fleishig? What happens to the vessel when the microwave becomes kosher? Answer: Several authorities have written that… Read more »


Not Kosher Medicine

I take a special medicine voluntarily called Creon. It is an enzyme meant to break food down easier in the digestive system. I just found out it is made of pork… Read more »


Mixed swimming for children

Until what ages can girls swim with boys (for non-relatives as well as brothers & sisters)? Answer: The problem associated with “mixed swimming” is the question of immodestly dressed girls… Read more »


Singing the Aleph Beis

There is an approach to teaching children to read Hebrew, which utilizes songs for teaching the letters and nekudos, in combination with other strategies. If a female apecial education teacher… Read more »