Tanach riddle

Where in the Torah do we find two samechs that make up a word by itself. Answer Yeshayahu 51:8 כִּי כַבֶּגֶד יֹאכְלֵם עָשׁ וְכַצֶּמֶר יֹאכְלֵם סָס וְצִדְקָתִי לְעוֹלָם תִּהְיֶה וִישׁוּעָתִי… Read more »


Golf on Shabbos

I know that golfing on Shabbas is not a Shabbas activity, but is there anyway to permit it? How can a frum Jew play in PGA events that are Thursday,… Read more »


Lewhiff- is it kosher?

There is a new product called ‘lewhif.’http://lewhif.com/ It is made of chocolate powder that apparently only goes into one’s mouth but not into one’s lungs or stomach. It’s like a… Read more »



Is is permissible to practice yoga? Answer: The question is quite broad. Please read these past questions and answers and be more specific in your question if you still have… Read more »