Mother’s Milk on Shabbos

Is chalav isha that was milked on Shabbos (b’heter) muktzeh? Answer: The status of mother’s milk that was milked on Shabbos involves a dispute among poskim. Most authorities write that… Read more »


Question on Muktzeh

Hi. I have a few questions. 1. There is an online company that has a promotion: get your first eyeglasses FREE. Registration/Identity is based on an email address. Is it… Read more »


Magnets on Shabbos

Are magnets muktzah, or may one play with them on shabbos? Answer: It is permitted to play with magnets on Shabbos, and they are not considered muktzah. Sources: There is… Read more »


Spousal Bosis

Question: While we were learning hilchos Shabbos last week, my wife had the following question (regarding the point that someone else cannot make one’s possessions into a bosis since the other person… Read more »