Airport on Shabbos

Dear Rabbi, I am a airport station manager, handling everything related to flight arrival & departures. I am posted overseas. Please advise what precautions do I take if my time at… Read more »


Opening Tea Bag

Can one open up a tea bag on shabbos? The paper that they are packaged in has perforated lines so the paper tears easily when one wants to remove the… Read more »


Magnets on Shabbos

Are magnets muktzah, or may one play with them on shabbos? Answer: It is permitted to play with magnets on Shabbos, and they are not considered muktzah. Sources: There is… Read more »


Digital photo frame

Can a digital picture frame, which has a slideshow of pictures, be kept on on Shabbos? Answer: Yes. Leaving the frame running on Shabbos does not involve any melachah, and… Read more »