The Shavuos Diet

This special article for Shavuos deals with the custom of eating dairy products on Shavuos, and their proper separation from meaty foods. What is the source for the custom of eating dairy foods on Shavuos, and how is it performed? What is the optimal way to avoid mixing dairy and meaty? And what is the ideal way in which our time over the Shavuos festival should be spent? These questions are discussed in this week’s article?

Vayeitzei – The Basics of Ma’aser Kesafim

In this week’s parashah we find the vow made by Yaakov Avinu to tithe everything he receives for the sake of Heaven. In this connection, we dedicate our discussion to the basic laws of maaser kesafim — some of which are actually extracted from the vow made by Yaakov. What is the special virtue of giving maaser? Why is it permitted to ‘test’ Hashem in this matter? What is the nature of the obligation to give maaser, who is obligated in doing so, and to whom may the maaser money be given? These questions, and more, are discussed in this week’s article.

Chayei Sarah – Halachic Aspects of the Shadchan

In line with the theme of this week’s Parashah, which includes the first shidduch recorded by the Torah, this week’s
article is dedicated to the halachos governing shadchanus. What is the principle behind payment of a shadchan, as
commonly practiced among Ashkenazi communities? When must shadchanus gelt be paid, and who is obligated to
make the payment? How are shadchanus fees divided between various parties involved in making the shidduch?
These questions, and more, are discussed in this week’s article.

To Drink or Not to Drink

In this week’s Parashah we learn of the potency of wine and the disasterous effects it can have. But what is the halachic status of wine and drunkeness? Does halachah distinguish between different degrees of inebriation? Aside from the question of “permitted or forbidden,” which further ramifications are there of drinking and drunkeness? These questions, and more, are address in this week’s article.