False Labeling

A company advertises a food product as a health food, but an independent laboratory analysis proved that the company falsified data on calorie count, net carbohydrates, and other nutritional facts…. Read more »


Cholov Yisrael

is chof k dairy, cholov yesroel?! Answer: Generally, unless specifically stated kosher dairy products are not cholov yisrael. We can not however answer about policy of specific organizations. Contact : info@kof-k.org


Cream of Tartar

E472e is obtained from tartar. Can we use baking mixture, which contains such a subtance? Answer: Yes, tartar products may be used. Cream of tartar is produced from the argols… Read more »


Greasy Residue

Is there a point in which a davar muat of shamnunis left on a kli is nosen taam lifgam according to all shitos? Also, if the small piece literally breaks… Read more »


Investing Money

I am currently working for a online investment company. My question is if it is halachy okay to stay there. A simply as possible some of the clients invest money… Read more »