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The Kollel

Kollel “Choshen Mishpat” was founded in 1995. The founders’ goal was to raise the public’s awareness to the Mitzvos Bein Adam Lechavero and to the Halachos pertaining to Dinei Mamonos (financial matters). At the head of the institution stand Rabbi Yosef Fleischman Shlit”a and Rabbi Asher Flegg Shlit”a. The Kollel numbers around 120 scholars, many of whom received Semicha (Halachic ordination) for Rabbinate and Dayanut both from Gedolei Yisrael and from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. The alumni of the Kollel serve as Dayanim in Batei Dinim around the world and in the Kollel’s Beis Din.

Over the years there developed alongside the Kollel other frameworks related to these issues.

  1. Beis Din for monetary matters “Nesivos Chaim” which was established in 2006. The Beis Din sits in a number of compositions which address numerous cases in which the litigants are interested in having their dispute adjudicated by a Beis Din according to the Torah laws. The hearings take place in numerous languages (per litigants’ request). The hearings are characterized by purposefulness and efficiency, all towards a quick resolution of the dispute. The Dayanim consult with a wide range of major Dayanim from around the world. The Beis Din sits as an arbitral tribunal in respect of civil disputes and the parties to any such dispute are required to sign an Arbitration Agreement prior to a hearing taking place. The effect of this is that the decision given by the Beis Din has the full force of an Arbitration Award and may be enforced (with prior permission of the Beis Din) by the civil courts.
  2. Beis Hora’ah – In addition to the Beis Din, the Kollel runs a Beis-Hora’ah. The Beis Hora’ah opens its doors daily for people interested in consulting in matters pertaining to monetary and business matters. The service is free of charge. The Bais Hora’ah also extends help in drafting wills and legal documents addressing both the legal and the Halachik aspects.
  3. Research Institute – alongside the Kollel there is a research institute which employs some of the Kollel alumni. Some of the  Institute’s publications are: Collection of Halachic essays “Umka DeDina” (3 volumes), the “Levushei  Choshen” series by Rabbi Meir Aschayak, “Seder Hadin” – authored by Rabbi Avraham Drabermediker shlit”a – this book encompasses all Beis Din procedures, including rules of testimony and  judicial hearings. The Institute also published treatises on electronic sensors and more. The Institute also extends help and advice to any authors publishing their books.
  4. “Alon Hamishpat” – Since 2006 the Kollel puts out a monthly publication with an international circulation of thousands of copies. In the publication one can find essays on current topics, practical halachos, rulings of the Beis Din and more. Upon registering to the site you may receive a copy to your e-mail monthly.
  5. Seminars – three times annually the Kollel conducts seminars in monetary laws. Over the years many of the most important Dayanim both from Israel and from around the world lectured in the seminars. The Seminars are meant for Dayanim, Rabbis, Kollel and Yeshiva students, Lawyers and Toanim-Rabani’im.
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