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Who are we?

Kollel “Choshen Mishpat” was founded in 1995. The founders’ goal was to raise the public’s awareness to the Mitzvos Bein Adam Lechavero and to the Halachos pertaining to Dinei Mamonos (financial matters). At the head of the institution stand Rabbi Yosef Fleischman Shlit”a and Rabbi Asher Flegg Shlit”a. The Kollel numbers around 120 scholars, many of whom received Semicha (Halachic ordination) for Rabbinate and Dayanut both from Gedolei Yisrael and from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. The alumni of the Kollel serve as Dayanim in Batei Dinim around the world and in the Kollel’s Beis Din.

Over the years there developed alongside the Kollel other frameworks related to these issues.

1. Beis Din for monetary matters “Nesivos Chaim”

2. Beis Hora’ah for people interested in consulting in matters pertaining to monetary and business matters is free of charge.

3. Research Institute – Which employs some of the Kollel alumni and puts out various publications.

4. “Alon Hamishpat” – Since 2006 the Kollel puts out a monthly publication with an international circulation of thousands of copies. In the publication one can find essays on current topics, practical halachos, rulings of the Beis Din and more.

5. Seminars – three times annually the Kollel conducts seminars in monetary laws.

6. – the site that you are visiting right now. We hope you will enjoy it.