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The Institute for Dayanim is a microcosm of the Jewish nation, with students from all over the world studying together in pursuit of an advanced degree in Jewish law. This is the goal of the institute: To serve the entirety of world Jewry by providing it with leaders who will strive towards achieving justice and peace.

Even though the Institute is quite large for this type of institution, each student has been chosen individually based on his abilities and his potential to serve as a Dayan for the Jewish nation. The institute has uniquely high standards of Torah study: Students make a Taanis Dibbur (avoiding all mundane speech) during study sessions. Sessions are conducted for virtually the entire day, and for almost the entire year, including most of the regular yeshiva holiday periods.

Naturally, each student’s progress is regularly monitored in order to ensure that our goals are attained, and a close staff-student relationship is a crucial element of the program. Upon completion of the entire program successful students receive the advanced Yodin-Yodin degree.

Upon completion of the learning program, students move on to serve on the Institute’s Beis Din and Beis Hora’ah. These facilities cater to the needs of many who turn to the Institute for guidance and Halachic decisions. in addition, the institute’s website operates in both Hebrew and English, providing a wealth of articles and insights on a range of topics, and answers to questions on all aspects of Torah law from followers worldwide.

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