Three fork questions

Question: 1) I accidentally grabbed a meat fork and used it to eat a hot dairy lasagna out of a milchig Pyrex container (my lunch at work). I believe the… Read more »


Pas or not pas

Question: I know that oatmeal is not pas haba b’kisnin;however what’s the status of oatmeal cookies if it doesn’t have any other grain besides whole oats? Answer: Cooked oatmeal is… Read more »


Pets in the sukkah

Question: Is there any halachic problem with my dog coming into the sukka? Answer: There is no clear halachic problem with this, except that you should make sure that the animal… Read more »


issue of crosses

Question: Is it assur for a diamond jewelry company to sell diamond crosses to goyim Answer: Please see the following post where a similar question was discussed. Have a gmar… Read more »