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Splitting Car Rental


We have two options for renting a car
1) for two weeks at 2400
2) for the week of Pesach at 1800.

We discussed with our parents the rental (2) which is while they are with us, and they would pay for all of it. We also have option (1),which we didn’t discuss with them, and realized it might be helpful to rent for the week before as we prepare for Pesach, especially if it would only cost an additional 600 shekel.

But we are wondering whether the halachic way to split option (1) would be for us to pay half (1200) rather than 600. We’re making the arrangements for the rental (and getting car (1) actually requires more time for us) but want to be fair to our parents. If it’s 1200 for our share we won’t take it, we will only rent for while they are here.

So is our share 1200 or 600 for the first week?
Assuming the answer is 600, do we have to explain to them how we arrived at the amount?

Thank you




Being that you parents agreed to pay for the second week 1800, you can take the car for the second week and pay them only 600.

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