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The Holocaust and Moshiach

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Some of the questions discussed in this book are the following.

What is the ultimate way to elevate the soul of one’s parents?
How does the death process rectify a person’s soul?
What profound life lessons can we learn from gravestones?
In what ways can the concept of reincarnation help us better understand life?
What is the idea behind davening at gravesites?
What will happen at the Resurrection of the Dead?

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לעילוי נשמת שמואל אביגדור בן יצחק מאיר

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The Holocaust and Moshiach

One day during the Holocaust, after a grueling workday in a slave labor camp, R’ Yechiel Michel Schlager[1] and R’ Moshe Nosson Notta Lemberger[2] engaged in conversation. R’ Schlager shared with R’ Lemberger the following calculation.

The gemara[3] says that Moshiach will not come until there are no more souls in guf (the name of a chamber in Heaven that is inhabited by the souls waiting to be born). Moshiach will not come until all the souls there are born. R’ Schlager explained, “If a person doesn’t fulfill his potential, then his soul must undergo reincarnation, and this prevents a new soul from being born. Because Hashem saw that there were an immense number of souls waiting in guf, this is what had to happen. The six million kedoshim will surely not need to undergo reincarnation, thereby permitting the birth of new souls.”[4]


In conclusion, the six million kedoshim paved the way for the birth of new souls, ultimately facilitating the arrival of Moshiach sooner.

[1] He was a Rav and halachic authority in addition to authoring sefarim including Mishberei Yam.

[2] R’ Moshe Nosson Nota Lemberger (1909-1982) was the foremost student of the Maharshag. He was appointed to the Beis Din in Makava in 1936 and appointed Rav of Makava in 1944 following the death of his grandfather-in-law, who held this position previously. Soon after he was deported with his family, first to Bergen-Belsen and then to Theresienstadt. He worked there in the bakery and spent his free time writing his Torah insights on the slips of paper that were given to him by other prisoners in exchange for bread. These were published after the war. in 1952 He moved to Eretz Yisrael and settled in Kiryat Ata, where he rebuilt the Makva community. He opened a yeshiva and served as Rosh Yeshiva until his passing.

[3] Yevamos 62a.

[4] In R’ Schlager’s sefer, Afikei Yam, 24-25.


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