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Pink – time sensitvie


I recently got a ton of bright pink shirts, and fringe skirts (a little at the bottom)
I consider myself very tznius, I don’t have short hair but I try to do my best. My mother spent a ton of money on all these clothes, just to hear me come home and my teacher said, a local posok puts hot pink under the same category as red.

Our teacher always tells us to take our time.
Struggling, I know its probably halachically ok to wear pink but is it something I should do? should I push myself. But I feel bad, and I really love those shirts and fringe skirts.



Your question is impressive; how you are trying to be so careful about tznius, “bnos yisroel hatzidkanios”.

It is hard to give an answer to this, as shades of color cannot be assessed over the internet. It seems that you have two issues here, the tznius one, and also not to upset your mother, who spent money and energy getting you those shirts. Regarding the tznius aspect, it is hard to know if this indeed like red, or if it is a tznius sensitivity, therefore I would suggest, that you gently try to minimize the amount of time that you wear them, (as in truth you aren’t so comfortable with the tznius of them, and you are working on yourself with this). Then at some point in the next few weeks, you can make a comment to your mother, that you feel funny with this type of color. this way you will grow slowly, and not insult your mother.

Hashem should send you a lot of siyata dishmaya

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