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Pesach Vitamin List


Is there an up to date listing of vitamins and dietary supplements for Pesach online or a booklet? I’m having trouble locating such a thing. Thank you.




generally it is very difficult to give a hechsher for Pesach on vitamins, as the ingredients come from a lot of places, and it is difficult to know what other products are made in the factories and machinery. this is why there aren’t that many vitamins and dietary supplements, that are actually kosher for Pesach. the badatz has a list. I am attaching their booklet, תרופות תשפד (1) (see page 121) which has a list of  which products they recommend.

as a side point, if there is any vitamin, or dietary supplement that is medically needed, you might need to take it even if it doesn’t have a hechsher, but for the you would have to speak with you Rov.

Chag kasher v’sameach


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