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Excluding certain food from sale of chametz


Hi – Do all food items that aren’t specifically certified kosher l’Pesach have to be included in mechiras chametz? For example, suppose I have some butter or cheese that I ate during the year half a stick or some slices are currently in my fridge. No Pesach sensitive ingredients but also not specifically certified KFP. Do I need to include the butter or cheese in my sale or can I just wrap it up and put it in the back of the fridge covered up?

It seems like people often include things like this in their sale but it isn’t clear why that would be necessary m’ikar ha’din.





If it doesn’t contain chometz, as you write, technically you don’t have to sell it, as long as it is clear that you won’t come to mistakenly eat it (as there can be crumbs in the butter, etc). However, there you ae not losing anything by including it in the sale, (except that if it is sold to goy it has to be wrapped, and labeled that it doesn’t belong to us). It provides an extra measure of caution, because there are times that actual chometz can be forgotten with those foods.

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