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Lying and teshuva


I am going through a hard time but when I am feeling fine I sometimes would put on a sad face so that others that know I’m struggling would worry about me and ask me if I’m ok because even though in that moment I was fine I was struggling a lot of the other times and wanted to be noticed. Is this lying and mean to the person seeing me because it caused the person to worry about me. Should I tell them I did this and ask them for forgiveness or is that not neccessary?




To me it seems that you are a very honest person, just because you asked this question… Most people wouldn’t think of asking something like this… Although putting on a sad face is 100% honest when you aren’t feeling down, (although a person should still smile…) we can’t say that this is actual lying. Additionally there s no need to ask the people mechila for this.

Best wishes.


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