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Days of Judgement 
As the Days of Judgement  rapidly approach, we all seek ways to enhance our chances of being judged  favorably by Hashem. Just like one who is about to stand trial in a human court  spares no effort to obtain a favorable verdict, all the more so when the judge  is Hashem himself.
Torah Study
Two of the greatest  merits one can have are charity and Torah study. As we say on Rosh Hashana,  penitence, prayer and charity cause an evil decree to be nullified. Also, Torah  study is one of the only ways to atone for one’s sins as it says, “With  kindness and truth an iniquity can be atoned for” and the Gemoro says (Yebamoth  105) truth refers to Torah study.
The Institute For  Dayanim
Our site,  is a project of the Institute For Dayanim in its effort to assist Jews around  the world by providing guidance and proper answers to individual questions. The  Institute also sponsors an advanced kollel where many of tomorrow’s future
Torah decisors study diligently day and night. Many of the senior members  assist the site as well. Rabbi Moshe Feinstein ruled (Iggros Moshe, Yoreh Deah  Volume 3, Responsum 94) that one of the best ways to spend one’s charity is to  support the education of indigent future Torah decisors.
Create an Advocate – Sponsor Torah Study
It is now possible to have a  group of these select scholars study on your behalf on one of the preparatory days before the Day of Judgement. These scholars will state before studying  that their learning should serve as a merit on your behalf and they will study  on behalf of just one donor. Select your preferred day and for $600 you can have 10 scholars study the entire day (2 sedorim i.e.  close to 8 hours) on your behalf, or $300 for a half day.  The days are the five days (not Erev Rosh Hashana) of selichos prior to Rosh Hashana and three and a half days (not Friday and not Erev Yom Kippur) between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.

To pay by Zelle, please send the donation to [email protected] on behalf of institute for dayanim, after submitting the form