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OCD with Kosher


I have to obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) related to kashrut and have been working with a therapist on exposure response therapy (ERP). One of the exposures is not checking kosher symbols on products in my own home. Previously, one of the compulsions would be to check and recheck kosher symbols on these products repeatedly. The idea of the ERP in this case is that the kosher symbols on products in my home have already been checked by my wife who does the shopping and there would be no reason to check them again. Is this an acceptable practice or should someone always recheck kosher symbols when eating a product even in one’s home? I want to make sure the ERP therapy is consistent with Halacha.




While I don’t know much about the therapy, what you are writing is consistent with halacha. Halacha says that eid echad neeman b’isurin, one witness is sufficient regarding question of issur. You wife is considered a single witness for this, and there is absolutely no need to double check what she does.

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