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Possible for an Ashkenazi to have a (one) vertical mezuza?


Hi rabbi – as an Ashkenazi, can I put a mezuza (one) vertically like Sephardim in a certain area that would simply look better (all others in the house would be slanted like normal), or am I actually prohibited from doing so? This is not related to spacing or the like that could require it physically, but because the very large “doorway” requires a mezuza I believe, and the sides are just walls in a large room, it would look much better that way, so we’d like to do so, but I’m not certain if I’m actually disallowed from doing so. Thank you!




It is preferred to put the mezuza at a slant, (even if the angle is only slight). However it is permitted even for an Ashkenazi to place it vertical. If you can it is better at least to but it slightly at an ang

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 שו”ע יו”ד ס’ רפט סעי’ ו’ “צריכה להיות זקופה, ארכה לאורך מזוזת הפתח”. כשטת רש”י והרא”ש, וכ”פ גר”א (מעשה רב סי’ צ”ז) – “מזוזה קטבע בשוה ולא אלכסון”. אמנם מנהג אשכנז כרמ”א שם וז”ל “והמדקדקין, יוצאין ידי שניהם, ומניחים אותה בשפוע ובאלכסון, וכן ראוי לנהוג, וכן נוהגין במדינות אלו”.


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