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Forerunners events of the coming of the Anointed One to the Jewish People?


Do devout Torah Jews beleive the following is forerunners of the coming of the Anointed one and the appearence of the 3rd Temple?
1) The 2004 revival of the Sanhedrin assembly?
2) Ingathering of Jews communities up to Israel from the galat of Europe; Arab Countries et al?
3) The Formation of the 3rd temple Institute to prepare Jews for the coming of the 3d temple/ANointed one?
4)The appearence of 5 red Hefiers in Israel for Temple scarafice?
5) The realization that of Galat Jews that Israel is the only real and safe home since the current War of Israel-Hamas exposing the fact that Hamas has many spirtual supporters who do not want Jews to live anywhere on this earth-despite the covement made between the L-D and Abraham?
6) the realization of Secular Jews in Israel that the only way their children can live to be to live the Torah. Talmund Oral Law in their Lives?





Without getting into the technicalities of all of these things you wrote, all of these types of things and are possible, preparations, but we will not know until it actually happens.

Have a good day.


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