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Messianic Age and everyday things


Will things remain the same after Mashiach comes ? Will we live the same lives , play football , watch a baseball match and do anything we did before like buying a car ?


You are asking a very good question.

According to most opinions among the great Rabbis, things in the world are going to change quite drastically after Moshiach comes. The world after Moshiach comes will be a world that realizes very clearly that Hashem is the ruler, and that nothing else in earth is important other than attaining closeness to Him, in any way possible. People will be interested in Torah study, and about gaining more knowledge of Hashem, and at that point we will see sports as a waste of time. People will not be interested in pastimes that will take us away from the great goal of gaining a clearer awareness of Hashem and His Torah, and we will not have much interest in watching a football or baseball match. If we will need to buy a car because it is needed for our goals at that time, then by all means we will be able to buy one. But again if the reason for buying the car is just to take pleasure rides, we are going to find immense pleasure in other things, such as an immense spiritual pleasure, like the great sages have when they study torah and gain deep insight and understanding into Hashem’s beautiful world and Torah.
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