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IYH I will be going to a pesach hotel, it is clear to me that women don’t have to cover their legs by the pool, is this true even if men are subject to see them?

if so is it permissible to come down stairs from my room to the pool and walk through the public area, in order to get to the women’s pool with my legs uncovered? thank you!

Chag kasher vsamech!




A woman that is walking in public, even if it is only in a hotel on the way to the pool, since there are foreign men there, she has to be covered the same way she does when walking in the street. Therefore, your legs should be covered then, or at lest wear a long robe.

Regarding swimming when men can see you, if that is the case, there is an issue with swimming there.

Chag kasher v’sameach


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