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Biking and wearing pants


Hi. Good day.
Recently, I started cycling. I’m getting to a high performance level that wearing a skirt is a hindrance. Is it ok to take the skirt off while riding the bike?
(Female, single, 30 years old)




It is nice that you are being successful. A successful people must always remember not to compromise his/her ideals and values for their success. The poskim agree that women should not wear pants as it is not considered modest for her to be seen this way. I recently saw a video of an orthodox woman, Rivka Ravitz, who was the secretary of the President of Israel, Reuvain Rivlin, and she was always careful not to compromise her ideals and halacha. At one point, Reuvain Rivlin visited the Pope, and although she made sure that everyone involved would know that she may not bow to the Pope, as he wears a cross around his neck. Something went wrong and the message wasn’t given to the Pope before the visit, and it had to be explained to him the last second as they met. When he heard this instead of her bowing to him, he bowed to her! Another incident was when Reuvain Rivlin met president Biden in the White house. She made sure that the message should be given over that an orthodox woman may not shake hands with a man, and for some reason that also had to be explained to him the last second. While they were conversing, it was mentioned to him that this woman, who can’t shake his hand is the mother of 12 children.  When he heard this he we so awed how she has such a high level job and still manages to raise a large family and keep to her ideals that he down on the floor and kneeled in front of her, to show her his respect!

Don’t compromise your ideals, although you want to be successful at biking, being loyal to Hashem is a more important success, that you don’t want to compromise.

Best wishes



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