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Makeup artists and instagram


Many Makeup artists maintain Instagram accounts so that they may post their work. The women they post allow them to do so. Instagram allows you to post “Reel” like a movie and one can add music to it. One makeup artist posted a reel of her work along with the kallah taking challah and saying tehilim. The reel included that along with the makeup process. Along with the reel the makeup artist added music that was explicit. The words that you could hear were “I really like my body, I really want to party, I really want to get naughty” and worse. The rest of the song was extremely vulgar I won’t give you the words because they stay in your head. I commented to the makeup artist “What is with the song, it is inappropriate. ” She deleted my comment and did not fix the song. I then sent her an email with the full lyrics and why it is so awful. I told how I spent one Chuppah crying for my sick cousin who has since passed and how holy Chuppah is. Her response to me was I should not have posted the comment and in the future she will consider what songs she will use. She still uses explicit songs. Still she did not take the reel down. She has 25,ooo followers on Instagram, many are young frum girls that just want to look pretty. I also sent the lyrics to the kallah and asked her if she wanted to be associated on her wedding day with such a song. Still the song stays.
It upsets me so much. This all happened during a week when there was a tragic car accident within the community. It made her reaction all the more worse. I can’t seem to get it out of my head. Please help me understand and accept what to do?



Thank you for your question.

B”H I did not hear the lyrics, but from what you are writing, this sounds utterly terrible. Unfortunately some people get carried away with parnassa, and other nisyonos. Especially if she feels that people like the content that she is posting, and she is making money off of it. As far as what you can do, in regard to the makeup artist, she obviously is not willing to hear what you are saying. It might be possible to turn to her family Rov and he might be able to do something, however unfortunately such people usually don’t have or won’t listen to a Rov.  Additionally if the kallah complain to her, it might get her to stop this.

Aside from that, what you have to concentrate on is to at least protect yourself. Do not have anything to do with her or her business, and at least protect yourself.

May Hashem help us and all of Klal Yisroel with it’s nisyonos.

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