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Changing clothing in front of pet


Shalom Dear Rabbi, can one person change clothes(naked) in front in of a pet in the bedroom or in the bathroom?



From a strict halachic perspective, it would be permitted. The reason being because animals are not considered having understanding and would not be different than being undressed in front of an infant. There is however another aspect here. The Shulchan Aruch says that even when we are in the bathroom, not uncover ourselves unnecessarily. This is for two reasons first of all because we are always in the presence of Hashem, and secondly, because it is proper that we keep our self-respect, and not be seen uncovered when it is unnecessary.

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ע’ או”ח ס’ ר”מ סע’ ו’, וזה לא גרע משם. אמנם ע’ ס’ ב’ סע’ ב’,


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