We present three volumes of collected  halachic essays “Umka Dedina”.

These books were published due to popular demand from Dayanim and professionals who felt there was a shortage of essays on contemporay Halachic monetary issues.

The three volumes include over one hundred essays on a wide range of subjects. In addition, Gedolei Yisrael agreed to grace our publication with their Divrei Torah, which are printed at the beginning of each volume.

vol 1 (link). was published in Adar 5763. This volume focuses on: Laws of Shomrim, workers and artisans.

vol 2. was published in Shevat 5765. This volume focuses on Laws of a found object, and Inheritance.

vol 3. was published in Av 5766. This volume focuses on: Laws of robbery, monetary damage and court procedures.

G-d willing the Institute plans on publishing additional volumes.

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