Remembering Amalek: Halachos of Parashas Zachor

This week’s article discusses the halachos of Parashas Zachor, which is read this week in advance of Purim. Is the reading of Zachor a Torah mitzvah, or a rabbinic enactment? Does the mitzvah require a kosher Sefer Torah, and a reading among a quorum of men? Are women obligated in the mitzvah? These questions, and more, are discussed in the present article.

Taking Revenge and Bearing a Grudge: A Halachic Appraisal

This week’s article discusses a number of basic questions concerning the prohibitions against taking revenge and bearing a grudge. When are the prohibitions of taking revenge and bearing a grudge transgressed? Are they contingent on a person’s inner thoughts, or do they require a concrete action? Are there instances in which it is permitted to take revenge and to bear a grudge? We will seek to clarify these issues in this week’s article.

The Mitzvah of Writing a Sefer Torah

This week’s article deals with the halachic issue of writing a Sefer Torah. What are the parameters of this mitzvah? Does the mitzvah apply today, and if so, why do most people not write a personal Sefer Torah? Can a Sefer Torah be written in partnership? Is there a mitzvah of writing or purchasing other sefarim? These questions, and more, are discussed in this week’s article.

Ki Teitzei – Weights and Measures in Halachah

The Torah is particularly stringent with regard to matters of weights and measures, prohibiting not only the act of deception,
but even keeping false weights and measures in one’s possession. Today, there is virtually not a home in which several weights
and measures can be found, and their halachic status is not as clear as we might think. Is it permitted to keep an
inaccurate kitchen scale at home? What of bathroom scales, a baby bottle (with volume markings), or a tape measure? This
week’s article deals with these questions, and with related issues of weights and measures.

Disinterment of Graves: A Grave Concern?

This week’s article discusses the contemporary issue of relocating graves. Although the issue has been somewhat politicized in recent years, we mustn’t forget that in principle, the question of disinterring graves is strictly halachic. What is the nature of the prohibition to exhume remains? When is it permitted to do so, and in particular, are various public needs sufficient cause for leniency? These important questions will be discussed in this week’s article.

Magic: As Innocent As It Seems?

Magic tricks have become a part of many of our lives. We are used to magicians appearing at birthday parties, to children coming home from schools with magic tricks, and to magic shows that even adults are amazed by. But are these magical matters consistent with halachah? This article briefly discusses the fascinating issue of magic and halachah.