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Ner Zikaron


Is it acceptable to light an electric ner zikaron on the anniversary of a person’s death and during the holidays of Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Pesach and Shavuot or is a wax candle needed?




It is preferable for it to be a candle. The reason we specifically a candle is because the pasuk says “Ner Hashem nishmas adam”, “a person’s soul is compared to the candle of Hashem”. A candle has three parts to it, the wick, the oil, and the flame. The flame can only burn the wick, if is attached and getting its fuel from the wax or oil of the candle. Our soul is similar to this, it is spiritual in nature, similar to a fire, but it can only stay inside of our body, if it is given its fuel. It is thru the body, which gives the soul it’s ability to perform mitzvos, which make it shine and give light.

Therefore a candle or oil is prefered over an electric light.

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