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Interrupting your Shemona Esray


May one interrupt his shemona Esray in order to go and get a tissue in order to blow his nose?



May one interrupt his Shemona Esrei in order to go and get a tissue in order to blow his nose?



It depends how badly the tissue is needed. If the person needs it badly, and is not able to concentrate on the davening, then it is permitted[1] to get the tissue. However, if the person can still concentrate on davening, then it should wait until after Shemona Esrei. As a side point there are a number of other instances, that are similar to this, that it is permitted to stop davening, in order to remove something that is disturbing one’s concentration. Here are some examples:

  1. A child that is disturbing- Although we may not make signs to other people during Shemona Esrei, if one’s child is disturbing, and it bothers the father, he may make finger motions to the child to stop[2]. If that doesn’t work the father has to take him out of shul so he won’t disturb to everyone else[3].  If he will not be able to stop the disturbance, he may go somewhere[4] else and continue Shmona Esrei there.
  2. If a sefer fell on the floor, he does not have to pick it up while he is davening Shemona E However, if it’s being on the floor disturbs ones concentration, he is allowed to pick it up after he finishes the bracha he is saying[5].
  3. If he got confused while davening and he doesn’t have a siddur, if he can sign to someone to give him one, he should do that, if not he may go to the seforim closet to get one[6]. This applies[7] even if he got confused during Al Hanisim
  4. If a halachic question came up while he is davening Shmona Esrei (i.e. he forgot to say something and he doesn’t remember if he has to go back or not), he may go look up the din, and if he can’t check it up in a sefer he may even ask a Rov[8].
  5. If his tallis fell off partially during Shemona Esrei, he may adjust it[9], but if it fell off completely, he may not put it back on, however if this will disturb his concentration[10] he may put it back on, (and after he finishes davening, he should move the tzitzis[11] and make the bracha).
  6. If a person is davening (ביחידות) in a place that if he will face מזרח he will not be able to concentrate, i.e. there are goyim or noise or talking there, he may face a different direction and daven[12].
  7. A person may not spit during Shmona Esrei, however if he doesn’t have a tissue etc. and he won’t be able to concentrate he may do so on the floor in back or to the left of him[13].
  8. If a bug is biting him, he can get rid of it if it is disturbing his concentration[14]. If a louse is biting him, he should be careful not to touch it.

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