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Light left on Shabbos


What should one do if the light was left on accidently in a bedroom, a baby’s rooom, or a dorm room, which interferes with sleeping and there is no shabbat goy to turn it off?



If the light in a bedroom was inadvertently left on during Shabbat or Chag and a non-Jew is not around to turn it off, what should one should the light prevent one from sleeping at night?



It is permitted to cover the light bulb with a cloth, (some people use a sock for this), understandably only if it will be a fire hazard. The reason it is permitted is because you are not touching the lightbulb directly, rather thru the sock or garment as you are covering it. This is considered tiltul min hatzad, which is permitted for the use of the room, and the benefit of the person, (l’tzorech davar hamuter).


שולחן ערוך אורח חיים הלכות שבת סימן שיא סעיף ח

טלטול מן הצד לצורך דבר המותר, מותר.


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