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Cutting Hadassim to Size

When someone has a hadas that is rov meshulosh:Can he make it kulo meshulosh by cutiing the stem? Can a scissor be used? Is this lechtchilla? Also, many times the package of the hadasim say rov meshulasim and they are not. They are much more expensive. Isn’t this genevas das? Many chashuver Rabbanim and Bais Din have their names on these packets.


It is permitted to snip the bottom of a hadas, thereby making it kulo meshulash. This can be done with an ordinary pair of scissors. The stem should preferably be cut on a diagonal, which will allow the stem to absorbe water better.

The question of packages of hadassim is delicate, because there are differences of opinion as to what is considered meshulash, and therefore it is possible that a hadas that you consider to be not meshulash is in fact meshulash according to some opinions.

Either way, it would not be a full case of geneivas daas, because the people giving the hechsher rely on the individuals doing the checking, and, as human beings, these people can of course make mistakes.

The general policy is that if a buyer gets a ruling from a rav that the hadassim are not meshulash, one can exchange the package for a different package.

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