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Dairy Lemon in Glass

I know that one is allowed to use meat glass for “cold” dairy. I am therefore wondering if it applies to sharp things as well? Like Lemon? I cut up lemon with a dairy knife (was not used 24 hours before)and then added this lemon water to the glass. It was together with a dairy meal as well. What’s the status with the glass cup? Once its clean, can I eventually use it in the meat dishwasher? Thank you!


If lemon is cut up with a dairy knife, the lemon becomes dairy.

However, provided that the knife wasn’t used in the past 24 hours (for hot dairy), the taste absorbed by the lemon won’t be imparted to other items (see here).

This is certainly true where the lemon remained cold.

Therefore, the glass certainly remains parev (if it was parev before), and it can be placed in the meat dishwasher without concern.

There are other details in the question that can be addressed (using a meat cup for cold dairy; the halachos of a dishwasher in general), and we have discussed them in previous posts.

Best wishes.

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