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Buying in non-Kosher Store

I guess I have two questions. I understand that we are not to eat in a restaurant that is not kosher even if they serve food that would be considered kosher. First question is, how does this compare with going into a non-kosher store where they sell both kosher and non-kosher food? Am I not to be buying anything from within any business that is not kosher? Follow-up question is: If the answer is that I am not to do so, and there are no all-kosher stores for hours away, how do we purchase all-kosher food and pay the extremely massive prices that are charged for kosher. For instance a turkey of 15 lbs. cost $70.00. How does one afford such awful prices for food? Right now we buy kosher food including meat in a store that is not a kosher store but minimal amounts because the prices are so astronomical. The second question is, at prices so unrealistically high for the average person, how do you expect people to obey this mitzvot? Thank you for your time.


There is no problem in buying kosher food in a store that also sells non-kosher food (though if there is no significant different or discomfort involved, it is better to buy from a Jewish-owned store).

The potential problem of eating in a non-kosher restaurant is that it looks like you’re eating non-kosher food (in general, all food in a non-kosher restaurant cannot be relied on to be kosher). However, this problem will not apply to a store, where there are plenty of kosher items to buy.

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