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Credit Union Loan

Am I allowed to take a loan from a credit union. The requirements to take a loan
1. you must become a member.
2. Have a checking and saving account with them that pays interest.

They definitely have some Jewish members.

A credit union is non-profit organization for their members. Each member has one vote regardless of the amount of money they have deposited. Members cannot sell or otherwise transfer their theoretical share of ownership to others. They cannot withdraw their
share of the credit union’s capital when they move or when they terminate their membership. Their heirs do not have an equity claim upon their death. The credit union members receive capital distributions are when the credit union is liquidated or when regulators conclude that the credit union is grossly overcapitalized and permit the credit union to make a special capital distribution.

Credit union is controlled by regulators and board members.

Now may I take a loan or get interest from a credit union who has Jewish members?


A loan [with interest] from a credit union is treated as a loan from a bank or other financial institution. If there are Jewish owners, a loan with ribbis is prohibited, as long as it is without the use of a heter iska.

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