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Buying/Eating Ice cream at Costco


I checked and at my local Costco the substance they use at their food court for their soft ice cream is Kosher. My question is – am I allowed to buy/ eat it. AT first I thought it was the same as buying slurpees (with a valid hechsher) at 7-11, however I was wondering if this is a problem of maares ayin as frum people don’t (yet) buy food there and wonder why I would (I’ve had a couple of people ask me “do they sell kosher food?” they seem to be asking for themselves if they can eat too, and appreciate the info. FYI we learned the same way via seeing someone else – though it’s rare to find other frum people eating there.


I apologize for not answering sooner but just received your email now. You are absolutely correct there is an issue of “maris ayin”. Perhaps this problem can be resolved by putting a notice in the local Jewish newspaper that the ice cream sold there is Kosher.




Igros Moshe O;CH 2. 40


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  1. In the local NY Costcos there is actually a “kosher pickup” section in their food court. Therefore it is not an issue of MA

    1. If that is indeed the case then in those branches it would be permitted.

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