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Talking to married men


Is a single girl allowed to talk by texting to a married man whom she works with after work hours? Texting about day to day subjects, asking opinions….there’s no seeing each other after work, just texting over phone from far.


Essentially texting and talking are similar to each other, and there isn’t any difference if the man is married or not. The reason why men and women should not be talking to each other, aside for when it is needed for a specific purpose, is because the torah does not want us to promote social relationships because it will lead to many aveiros. By texting him after hours, it is deepening the relationship, the same way talking on the telephone does. Unfortunately the yetzer hora has his way of making the “very innocent” day to day questions into a closer feeling for the other person. Besides, the texts that will be done in the evening are going to serve as a continuation of the relationship at work…

It is important for you to find other females who you can ask their opinion, get advice and discuss things, and be your friend, so you won’t have to come on to the men that you work with.


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