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Meabeid/Bishul/salad dressing shabbos


Over shabbos somebody in my family made a salad dressing on shabbos (vinegar, olive oil and seasonings) and then poured that mixture onto cut up cucumbers tomatoes etc to make israeli salad….
1. Was this a problem of meabeid or any other problem?
2. if it was assur to do would it treif up dishes if the liquid or salad stays in dish for longer than 24 hours, due to kivush kbishul damei of an issur food?


I don’t see any problem with pouring the salad dressing on the salad, and it isn’t meabed. There is only an issue of meabed if salt or vinegar if there is also oil on the vegetables, because the oil will prevent the salt from extracting the water from the vegetables ( or the vinegar from pickling them)  and it isn’t similar to meabed. Since there is no issue with what was done, there is also no problem with the dishes either. 


O:CH 321-2, M:B 8,10

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  1. instead of doing it as a dressing can one pour salt then seasonings and then right afterwards lemon juice or oil to take care of this problem as well?

    1. It can be done immediately afterwards, but it is prefferable to do it beforehand.

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